Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Living like an Italian in Sicily!

Our second stop on our Summer trip this year was Palmero in Sicily! We spent 10 days in the capital city of Sicily, were our hotel was situated in the center of Palermo town. We were literally living among the hustle and bustle and it was everything that we didn't expect but we learned to love it all the same. We spent most days wondering around the town getting lost, searching hours for hidden little restaurants recommended by Trip Advisor, and seeking shade on the beach as we were dying from the heat! Little did we know that Sicily seemed to be more of a tourist holiday spot for the Italians themselves - we were basically the only British and most people spoke very broken English - we felt awful for knowing little to no Italian at all! Honestly, I'm rubbish with languages but I found Italian particularly difficult. Here are some highlights from our trip...

One of our very few beach days on Mondello Beach. We visited this beach on our very first day and were so tired that we fell asleep for the whole afternoon!

I bought a selfie-stick when we were in Florence so I put it to good use as often as I could ;-) James however, hated it!

We rented a car so we were able to travel and explore elsewhere. We found a little beach town called San Vito Lo Capo and totally fell in love - so much so that we actually decided to stay in a hotel there for a few nights! It was a total breath of fresh air.

In San Vito Lo Capo we came across a little lolly-pop shop called Gelaterie Stecco Natura. They made both fruit and cream ice lollies that contained no gluten, no lactose and no flavourings! They were so delicious... even better than gelato! My favourite flavour was the almond, but the chocolate was also really yummy.

We found an amazing fine-dining restaurant called Bye Bye Blues in Mondello. It was by far the best meal we had during our 10 day stay! We were completely blown away by the flavours, the service and the value for money. It's a definite visit if you're in Palmero!

I tried my first ever mussel and actually enjoyed it!


My favourite food discovery was definitely these chickpea fritters (the Italians call them 'Panelle'). They were one of the traditional Sicilian street-foods that were sold everywhere in Palermo.

We stumbled upon the famous food market of Palermo. My senses were driven into overload with all the different smells, colours and the total craziness of it all - I've never experienced anything quite like it!

Another amazing restaurant that we found, Buatta, this time in the center of Palermo town. The atmosphere was crazy cool and relaxed and the food was so delicious. We both had roast chicken and these Italian aubergine rolls - the Italians love aubergine!

A little square that we stumbled upon one night, in the middle of nowhere, you would never have known it was here otherwise! We came back to this amazing restaurant about three or four times as it had the best vibe and tastiest dishes. You must not visit Palermo without visiting Antica Focacceria di San Francesco, please!


Have you visited Palermo or anywhere else in Sicily?

Sunday, 6 September 2015


I'm all about the comfort with my style at the minute. I can't be dealing with anything too fussy and I'm giving my feet a well-needed break from my favourite lacey heeled sandals! So this Autumn/Winter I'm building up my wardrobe full of reliable basics. 
Here are my newest purchases that have got me cosy for the colder months...


Taking things back to basics reminds me of my tomboy years back in high school, when I lived in grey hoodies, white tees and ripped black jeans! I love the casual, effortless look of Converse and ripped jeans, paired with a v-neck white tee and beachy waves.


Friday, 4 September 2015

Pointy + Patent!

Lets not kid ourselves - there's not many of us who actually enjoy shopping in Primark. I definitely do not enjoy it. It's far too messy and far too busy. But you can't deny that you're not sometimes a little intrigued as to what hidden treasure you might find inside... I'm always so jealous when I see someone wearing something from Primark that I would never have found! 

On my recent trip whilst walking aimlessly and feeling dangerously spendy, I spotted these gorgeous pointed oxfords. I had to have them. In both colours.

They're actually really comfortable and well-made so they'll definitely last me a while. I especially love the nude/pink pair. They go with absolutely everything. And what's best is that you can buy both colours without feeling guilty!